Today was pretty uneventful….

I had a second interview for my job and the guy who gave me the interview was on a total power trip it was the toughest interview of my life….

I got a phone call from Old Navy finally and it looks like I will be working there part time along with the Reid’s jewelry job full time.Good Times…..

I have to make the comment that every christian should have been watching ER tonight even if they are not a big fan of the show… God was glorified in the most powerful TV moment I have ever seen….

Let me describe the scene to you:
A doctor on his knees in the war torn Congo surrounded by uncivil soldiers….
Other men are on their knees around him all awaiting their execution all from different walks of life….
The doctor begins to talk and look back on his life, details about how he always struggled believing in God because his children died and his life has been a touch path….
As he is remissing the men around him are executed one by one, beaten and taunted and yet he remains untouched….
He catches a glimpse of the trees and the skies above and when he looks down all of the men around him are dead and he is the last one standing…..
He gets higher on his knees and surrounded by the vicious killers lifts his bound hands in prayer…..
The killers look at him like he is crazy and then they see a cross around his neck and there surrounded by the havoc they have caused fall to their knees and begin to join the doctor in prayer…..
What a powerful moment……

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