My Eyes

Through my eyes what do you see?
Can you see my hurt, my pain, and my misery?
Can you see me?
Can you see my joy, my smile, my passions and my desires?
What is IT in me?
You see what you choose to see!
Look close, come close to my face and look me square in the eyes, I am here!
I am a loyal and trustworthy friend.
I am a woman, beautiful and full of life, I am alluring at times.
I am a visionary, a dreamer at heart. My dreams I fear to start for fear I will never finish.
I am always and forever tormented by the prospect of Heaven and Hell. Heart pounding, mind racing, tears falling, palms sweating, I am afraid!
I am saddened by my very own memories of my own actions in the past, hurt by the inner me.
I am a woman with torment from my very soul. Wishes, actions, words and desires untold. I am a person that questions my very soul.
I want to help you and everyone else living on this planet. To help you handle the events that life throws your way. The bumps and surprises we all experience along the way.
I long to experience love. The friendship, the joy, just the feeling of it running through my veins. To give him my heart and to love and be loved in return. Seeing and knowing every part of each others hearts, faults, and strengths entwined into one.
I am a person you want to be around. With happiness, my laugh you can hear from the other room. I laugh because I want to bring joy to you.
I am a woman who at times questions my own sanity. Is that real? Did I really see that? Moments where reality comes crashing down. I scream and for a moment reality leaves and I am free. When reality comes back I am sane.
Who am I? Look deeply into my eyes. Deeper now.
Who do you see?
You see a mirror, a reflection of yourself!
You see me!

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