Another Day

Well it has been yet another day….
I worked at Reid’s jewelry today and it went way better so that gives me hope that I am actually going to like my job….
I don’t have a way to get around Tulsa so I had to go to the mall when Abby worked at 9:30 am and walk around until I started working at 1:30…..
So I walked around the mall today and I went in this really cool store called “Can you imagine”….I talked to the store owner for a while and he was really cool….Tomorrow he is having a belly dancer come in and she is going to teach belly dancing to the customers so I am going to go there and learn to BELLY DANCE tomorrow….
Yet another thing to add to my list of crazy things I have done….
Work went really well our sales were awesome and I feel a lot better about talking to the customers and cleaning their jewelry….
I have met a lot of people at the mall that are really nice so I am making a lot of friends….I guess I am really starting to like this job…
My schedule is INSANE for the next week,I am working 40 hours at Reeds and 26hrs at Old Navy…I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to work two jobs….
Anyway it is nearing midnight and I need to figure out what kind of professional looking outfit I can throw together for tomorrow and then get some sleep…
Night all Sweet Dreams….
PS Hope you are doing ok David missing you both

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