Finding Amanda

I think instead of finding Nemo it should be finding Amanda….
Anyway…I didn’t go into work today wasn’t feeling very well everything just seemed to catch up to me…. I had a headache and a stomach-ache and I was just tired…. I just cuddled with some pillows on the couch and watched tv all day and relaxed….Sometimes I just really need to cuddle it’s funny….So I just surround myself with pillows….
Anyway….I have decided to face my fears of the army head on…Me and Abby are going to start running starting tommorow….We are going to get into shape…I am going to stay in Tulsa as well, I will go home on Dec 28th….God gave me this job so there must be a reason that I am there…Well I need to get some sleep got to get up at six am and I will be working until 10pm….Ps my new nickname is Dimples DONT ask why!!!

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