Decisons And Other Stuff

Well I talked to my boss about leaving Reeds today….
I am just completely unhappy there and would love it if I could just work part-time but he told me that it is full-time or nothing….
Here are my thoughts….If I leave now they can have someone in their training before Christmas hits them….If I leave later then they are one less an experienced employee when the Christmas rush hits….I am supposed to let him know by the end of the week…I know my answer….I am just going to work part-time at Old Navy…I came here to spend time with Abby not to work all the time and never have a day off…..

Here is the interesting point of my night….I went and saw THE NIGHTMARE….It scared the CRAP out of me….At the beginning a guy came up to me holding a mouse in my face….I hit the floor and stayed there till he went away….There was this married couple next to me and they quickly became my new best friends….When we went to the Hell room all Hell broke loose….The guy in the cage charged both me and this lady….He knocked the glasses off my face so I was on the ground, literally and she was down on the ground with me we were both being attacked and she was on top of my back trying to protect me….I found my glasses and tried to get up but now I had four guys attacking me pulling at my feet,breathing in my face and playing with my hair and neck….I was literally in this lady’s arms taking shelter on her shoulder as she tried to protect me as we are both screaming our heads off…. I am still shaking from this… It was way too freaky and I was really being attacked by these demons…. After every room I just kept telling her husband that I was sorry for accosting his wife… We all laughed when it was all over but we were both shaking and couldn’t believe what had happened to us… The guy in the cage almost stepped on my hands and my glasses…Things like this always happen to me it never fails… My throat is still hurting from screaming so much….

Another thing that happened the other day I got stranded at the mall again…Abby went to church and I just wanted to get home and do the laundry, clean the bathroom and do the dishes….
So I am at the mall and trying to figure out the bus system here in Tulsa… If you have heard of my first bus trip I was pretty nervous about getting on another bus….Anyway I am trying to figure out the schedule and I ask this man and woman directions and they end up giving me a ride home….They were really nice and we had some good conversation….But yet again I spent the day with complete strangers…

So this week has been interesting…I made decisions…got the pee scared out of me…. and met more strangers….hopefully next week goes better…..

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