Firsts And Lasts The Amanda Way


My first best friend: Brandy Parker 

My first real memory of something: Me and Brandy getting kicked off the school bus for drawing stick people peeing 

My first car: still to come

My first date: 5th grade Valentines dance, there was a kid that had a huge crush on me so he brought me a rose corsage but I danced with this other kid named Bobby all night he was the finest boy in 5th grade, Don was so mad but I didn’t care i was with Bobby and a couple of weeks later I was dating his twin brother Larry 

My first real job: Green Mill, I was a hostess it was a blast

My first screen name: oneygirl

My first self purchased album: DC Talk Free at last Baby, I went home and tried to memorize all the words to every song 

My first funeral: My Grandfather Posey, the highlight of the funeral was when my sister dared me to touch his body and I went up to him and touched his face then looked up his nose then ran to my mom and said really loud “ Come look mom they cleaned all the buggers out of his nose” it was a big laugh

First Pet: A weenie dog named Greta she would chase us down the hall and bark at our heels as we would scream and jump on our bed it was fun 

First piercing/tattoos: My ears when I was 15, I would like to note though that I did have my nose pierced for 6 months 

First Credit Card: Express card, i should call those credit people someday still owe them money 

First true love: not shure if i have ever really been in love, not sure if i know how to love 

First enemy: Heather Golden and Kim Kritner, I pray I never see them again there is no telling what i would say or do they tormented me in elementary school 

First big trip: when i was a kid my parents would make a bed for us kids in the back of the station wagon and we would go to the smoky mountains and play in the lakes and go see the bears and Indians those were the days 

First play/musical performance: Carmen concert if anyone doesn’t know who that is i am in shock 

First musician heard in the house: Billy Ray Cirus, yes it is true 


Last big car ride: Road trip to Alabama to see my family 

Last good cry: watching Oprah today 

Last Library book: A book on how to get published 

Last movie seen: Finding Nemo 

Last beverage drank: Dr Thunder 

Last food consumed: Bologna Sandwich and Doritos 

Last phone call: Trying to get a hold of Matt today for a ride home from work 

Last TV show watched: Will and Grace 

Last time showered: Yesterday

Last shoes worn: some brown shoes of Abbys 

Last CD played: Moby Play 

Last Item bought: Popeyes chicken wing and a biscuit for $1.18 

Last disappointment: finding out that my ex was cheating on me with my roommate that just happened to be my best friend at the time sister 

Last ice cream eaten: Rocky road 

Last shirt worn: t-shirt that says USA with a flag on it 

Last Website visited: 

Well there you have it and I swear that it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth……

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