In Birmingham…

I am in Birmingham Alabama now hanging out with my other sister, Colleen…Huge relief really…
– I get to sleep on a bed not on a couch
– I get a room so I can close the door and people don’t get up at 5am and turn all the lights and tv on and talk on the next couch
– I get to just chill during the day no taking care of people or cleaning the house
– satellite need I say more
– Ahhhh the comforts of a vacation

So yeah I am having fun here…Last night we went to the historic Alabama Theater…It was built in the 20’s and is something you would see out of an old movie…We went and watched A Miracle on 34th St…It was cool…they have this guy that plays this organ and he pops out of the floor and plays some songs and then we did a sing alone…Then the big red curtains open and you watch the movie…It was really cool..We sat in the balcony area…Neato

Before the movie we went to dinner at this BBQ place in uptown Birmingham…When we got done with dinner we went to go get in our car….We had parked at a post office down the block…When we got to the parking lot there was a police car there…We were like what the heck…Then we got in the parking lot we figured out what was going on…The police had booted everyone’s cars…Put a metal thing on our tires and locked everyone (15 cars) down…People were really upset…It was freezing cold…Raining…And very windy and here we are stuck outside trying to figure out with all the strangers what the heck to do…Come to find out the parking lot we were parked in next to the post office is private property and this happens to people every night…So we have to go three blocks down and go to the atm and get $65 dollars to get that thing off the car…We were ok cause we had gone with some friends and they drove us down there…But others had to walk in the freezing cold rain three blocks to try to get money…Others were poor and didn’t have the money so they were upset and throwing a pretty big fit…They were all from a black church down the road…We gave one of them a ride back from the atm…What an awful thing to do to people…And the cop was a butt…He is tired of getting called down there every night…Stuff like this always seems to happen when I am around…LOL…funny stuff…funny stories…

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