Back In Houston

Well today I spent most of the day in the house…Catching up on laundry…taking care of granny posey…I even managed to take time to watch Seabiscuit with Joe…

I called my recruiter to check in with him and he told me that if I don’t lose the ten pounds that I need to lose then I may not be able to enter the Army until six months from now…I can get away with having 28%body fat…My mom is going to help me measure that…

Me and my family just got done watching “What A Girl Wants”…It is such a cute movie…My parents actually liked it…

Well my brother just got home and we are going to watch “Freaky Friday”…

I believe my life has come around to watching tons of movie…

if you don’t lose the 10 lbs… i may request your presence in Nashville fo a couple of weeks. hmm… i don’t know which to pray for! 😉
naah… i’ll be praying for you!

Yeah…hope i lose this weight…I went running yesterday…Running in the county is way scarier than running in the city to me…There were two huge Rottweilers, unchained, right down the road from me…I took off running in the opposite direction…Very scary…I tried to do some push ups last night and could only do three so I must work on my arm strength…Situps I can do the acceptance level so that is good but I must work on those as well…Let’s just hope I can loose this weight….


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