You know you are in Alabama when:

1. You have so many cars in your front yard that you have to put up a sign saying “Cars not for Sale”

2. When you go to the gas station the cat/dog is there to greet you at the door

3. When building a new building there is no sign announcing what is being built…instead there is a old house trailer that has “Jacks restaurant coming soon” spray painted on the side

4. You get tired out just by going to town and back

5. You go running to get some excercise and people stop to make sure you are ok because the only reason you should be on outside is to go hunting or your car is broke down

6. Spray paint is the common way of announcing that your business has moved, simply spray paint the new location on the side of the old building

7. Your high school prom has daycare provided

8. On the post office door is the personal home phone number for the local sheriff…As well as two local people’s phone numbers in case of emergency

9. When you have a church split you simply plant the new church across the road from the old church

10. The town Christmas tree has wires holding it up, a big bright orange extension cord providing it power from the local telephone pole…Not to mention the fact that it fell down and all the lights on the top don’t work because they all broke and nobody bothered to fix them…Oh and the star fell off in the wind and is lodged in a branch halfway down the tree….

These are all the things that I have seen since I have been here….Sweet Home Alabama…..

too funny!!
I hope you have a happy Christmas!!!!!!!!

Hope you do too….

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