Still Here

Well in short I am still here…But I leave again on Sunday to ship out on Monday…this time all will go well because i am only two pounds away from getting in…So…other good news my contract and all that jazz is still the same but that is a miracle and a lot of thanks to a recruiter in Minneapolis…So still here but will be leaving soon…

Would also like to mention that my poker skill have improved…At Meps i met some really cool people and we just sat in this room and played games all day…We also played Uno..which we dubbed prison style Uno because everyone was so crazy with the cards…And chess…which I lost to this guy I named the candy popping drug test guy…

I also got to meet up with David and we watched an Alfred Hitchcock movie called the Rope…Good movie and then went and hung out downtown just driving around and taking crazy pictures…Fun fun…

Back at the hotel when I got back a huge group of us just sat around in the lobby and talked forever…I eventually got around to nicknamed everyone because it was too hard to remember names…It was cool because they responded to their nicknames the whole time we were there…

So Yeah…I’m here but will return soon…And I happened to have a little fun along the way…

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