Renewed Life

I am having so much fun just hanging out here in Nashville with David…

I am just enjoying life so much right now…I should be freaking out trying to figure out what I am going to do and how I am going to get my goals accomplished but I am not…I am soooooo happy….

Now I am happy for many things…I just am enjoying life…Even just the little normal things about life…Being in the Army really gave me a greater appreciation for life in general…

You know sometimes I realize how much I didn’t place all my trust in God…When I was in the Army i went through some VERY rough times…It was like God was showing me myself down to my bare bones…I just did not understand why or what for…Walking out of that place I now see that He really grew me during that time and gave me such a HUGE appreciation for this life that I live…

Other things he taught me while I was there is how to live your life as an example and a ministry to others…When you are there your business is in everyone’s face they get to see the real you…And they did they saw the real me and God used that to minister to their hearts…I learned how to make my lifestyle a living example of Him…

I now more than ever appreciate all the hard dark times that I have walked through in my life…God has really done such a work on me in the last five years…We just have such an AWESOME God…

I feel so ALIVE…

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