End Of the Weekend

Well today marks the end of my three day weekend with my lovely husband…
We spent most of the day just laying around watching movies…Watched some really good Hitchcock…
Then we got ready and headed off to Wendy’s for dinner…We eat there way too often…LOL
Then we went to church…rented “50 first dates” then came home watched movie and played scrabble…
David is rambling what he always says on Saturday nights…“I don’t want to go to work tommorow”
I wish he didn’t have to either these weekends are so fun…We just get to be with each other and do whatever we want…I love it…

In not so fun news:
Found out today that my sister Colleen is finally pregnant and that I am going to be an Aunt…sad thing about this is I found out from my grandmother because my family is still toooooooo upset about stuff to pick up the phone and tell me that I am going to be an Aunt…ahhh it just drags on and on…

Well I am trying to not let it get to me enjoy my life and go to bed…Night…

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