Feeling Accomplished

Well today I got up and after four days of being grumpy because I haven’t been getting sleep…I went back to bed when David left for work…I finally feel rested…

In feeling rested I spent the morning relaxing and getting ready for the day…

In the afternoon I cleaned the entire house top to bottom…

Cleaning List:
Dust all furniture in living room and bedroom
Clean both bathrooms
Wipe down kitchen appliances
Clean kitchen counters
Windex all mirrors
Fabreeze couches
organize under kitchen sink
wash towels
Vacuume all floors
Wet mop all floors
Vacuume stairs
Vacuume downstairs
Mop downstairs
Re arrange furniture downstairs

Well that is my list…I got it all done I feel very accomplished…

After getting all my cleaning done I decided to re organize all the furniture downstairs in our recording studio…I have to say I am quite proud of myself and can’t wait for David to get home and see it…He is going to love it…

I managed to also make three pieces of really cool modern art using the colors downstairs…I love it…It was fun to do…Tiring but fun…

And now I watch Seinfield and then take a shower…and wait for my amazing husband to get home…It feels soooooo good to get things done…and to get sleep…

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