Sleeples in Nashville

Well I tied going to bed and NOOOOO my body just doesn’t want me to sleep…I think I have reached that point of I am sooooo tired that I can’t fall asleep…I feel soooo wiped…

So here I am updating my LJ yet again…

Well today was great…We slept in due to our staying up super late playing scrabble…

After sleeping in…we got up and took showers and then headed off to get our grocery shopping done…and returned our library books and our movie from Hollywood…

After getting our shopping done we put away the groceries and then went to eat at Ci Ci’s Pizza…

We REALLY loved the pizza and they had amazing customer service…not to mention it is a super cheap place to eat…

All in all it was a great day…and now we try to fall asleep…but i’m still not tired so will watch movie then try to sleep…Night all…ZZZZZZZZZ

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