Fun Times

The weekend…The weekend…
Spent all weekend with David…
Friday we went to Franklin and hung out at the mall…and then we went to see “The Village” GREAT movie…want to see it again…On the way home we decided to stop by hollywood and see if they had “the whole ten yards” but they didn’t…in a very sad upset David decided to check out blockbuster and see if they had it…he doesn’t like blockbuster because of the prices and return dates…then we saw that they have this unlimited deal…for $15.00 to sign up and $24.00 a month you get unlimited renals no due dates and no late fees…man you CANNOT beat that deal…so we signed up and we have been renting movies like crazy every since…so that is what we have done the rest of the week…watch movies…

Movies Watched:
The Village
The Stepford Wives (original version)
Comedian (Jerry Seinfield)
The Mystic River
The Whole Ten Yards

lots of movie watching…and now we relax yet again and have a game night…think we are going to play Rummikub…or Scrabble…we shall see…
Fun Times…
I love being married…

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