Cleaning Day

Well today has been part one of two in getting the house cleaned up…
With David being sick and me not feeling good…and company being here things got off schedule a bit…
So today I cleaned cleaned cleaned…
vacuumed and mopped all the hardwoood floors
laundry laundry laundry
folded all clean sheets and blankets
clean kitchen counters
dishes dishes dishes
clean kitty litter box
make bed
clean living room
dust whole house

that is all i got done today…
tommorow i plan on the following…
wash sheets and blankets
wash towels
clean both bathrooms
clean downstairs
vacuume and mop downstairs

and then the house should be back to its normal clean state…
here’s hoping…

and now for the bad news
after all the things that have gone wrong with our house you would think we would get a break….wrong
we have no hot water
our hot water heater died or something…were not quite sure what the problem is but as of right now we don’t have any hot water…i tried pushing the reset button on the water heater and nothing…this is such a bummer…and i really don’t feel like dealing with the warranty company yet again…no fun at all…
all i want is a hot shower…

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