Done Done Done

Man Live Journal is really being goofy again…
They must be working on it or something…

Well today has been a really productive day…
Here is my list of things done:

4 loads of laundry
give cat a bath
clean bathrooms
scrub tile grout in bathroom
finish scraping window in kitchen
vacuume all floors
make bed
get wax off dresser and mirror in bedroom
vacuume stairs
clean kitchen
clean microwave

So yeah I guess you could say I got a lot done today…
My focus this week has been tying up the loose ends on the projects I started…
I finished scraping the window…
Painted the lamps i found…
Painted the ceiling fan in the office…

The house is looking so much better…
Now time to relax…
My fingers are hurting from all of that scraping…

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