Devotions, WRITING


I hate when I have days where I just feel like I fail…
I didn’t fail anyone but myself…

For the majority of the day I spent my time moaning and complaining about a project that I was working on. Really if I think about it I was just acting like a child.

I should have taken a look at this project and seen that it was something new and different. A fun challenge. But that isn’t how it happend.

I moaned and complained to myeslf and others all day and probably made them feel like they were having a crappy day.

Our attitudes can effect the others around us.

So did I fail today…

Well I did fall down the stairs…thats a fall/fail…
And you can laugh about it I fall downstairs way too much.

But I would say No I didnt fail today. I changed my attitude. I tried to make sure my actions were not affecting others while trying to adjust and change my own.

So today I didn’t fail. I just learned a few lesson:

Treat each crazy project as an adventure and a learning experience
You can adjust your attitude
And falling down the stairs hurts every time!!

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