The Disney Channel??

Time for me to vent about Disney. Sometimes late at night if I can’t sleep it’s just about the only clean thing on tv so I have been re educated in the world of Disney since I was a younger kid. I have several thoughts on the shows that are on now and the characters they have on these shows now.

In some ways I think it is amazing the opportunities the Disney has given to young kids. So many kids growing up have dreams and desires of acting and Disney steps in and gives them the opportunity to do that at such a young age.

Thats about the only good side I can think of to all of this though. The opportunity these kids have to pursue their dreams. Here is my concern. They are pre teen some of them barely teenagers. They have fame and fortune already. Anything they want at their fingertips. I’m concerned for their futures. You always see the “true hollywood story of a fallen teen star”. I just don’t want that to happen to them. I wish I could somehow protect them.

Then here is my other concern with Disney. The program content!! The first thing you notice is that almost all shows are about some sort of wizard powers, fortunetellers and witches. There is always some sort of powers involved. Why is that? Why do think they need some powers to be special. They can be special on their own.

Another thing that gets me is how young the characters are when they introduce dating/kissing. 10-12 years old I beleive is way to young to allow a child to date or have a serious boyfriend. They should be children at this age and enjoy being a kid.

Kids watch these shows. They admire these actors. The will imitate them and I don’t think this is a good thing.

Overall watching the Disney channel concerns me about America’s Youth.

2 thoughts on “The Disney Channel??”

  1. I so agree. That is why I am so careful as to what my kids watch and Disney is sadly low on my list. I wish they brought back the good stuff.

  2. i know…whatever happened to good tv…although i have to say some of the shows i thought were “good tv” i have rewatched since i was a kid and was shocked some of the content was in there that i totally missed…so i guess there is something to say about a child’s innocence 🙂

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