I can’t tell you how amazing today was at the pool. A few days ago we joined the YMCA so that I could get in the pool and workout this issue with my hips. I have a dear friend who is a physical therapist who went to the pool with me yesterday and showed me all kinds of exercises to do in the pool. Today was my first day flying solo. I have another great friend who because I don’t have a vehicle when David is at work has volunteered to help with transportation to and from the YMCA. So today she was awesome and gave me a ride.

I ended up being at the Y about an hour and a half. I had an awesome workout following what my friend Cindy showed to my fullest ability. I“ve started noticing that most of the pain in the right side of my hip is my joint. It clicks every single time i move it forward. After walking around in the pool for a few minutes it stopped clicking enough to where I could get to the meat of my workout. It was really an awesome day to workout at the pool. I had pretty much the whole pool to myself. The only thing that was a bit annoying were the kids in the shallow end. They were screaming and in a room of concrete it can really hurt your ears. I’m thinking of earplugs for next time lol.

After my pool workout I cleaned up in the locker room and decided to check out the stationary bikes. I was a bit concerned about just hopping up on one so I decided to ask for help. I can’t tell you how amazing the staff was for me. They faxed my doctor right away to find out what kind of workouts I could do in the gym and what kinds of equipment I could use. How cool is that! After they hear from my doctor they will work with me for the next three months working on diet and exercise goals. All of this for free. NO extra charge! I had such a great conversation with my helper. We talked about my condition and I shared my faith with her. I found out her husband is a pastor in the area and we had a long conversation about God and healing.

God is really doing some amazing things with me right now. I’m so excited that He is using this condition already to help minister to others.

Oh and on a side-note I’m down 4 pounds so far!! Also I found a brand new stationary bike on Craig’s List for only $75 dollars! I’m picking it up next Saturday! So excited!

I’m pretty sore but it was worth it.

2 thoughts on “The YMCA”

  1. How awesome Amanda! SO glad things went well at the gym. Kudos to the staff for being so helpful. Congrats on the 4 pounds. That's great. We need to have you & David over for a cookout or something… we have a pool too, so you could join us for a dip as well. You will need to being the plugs though… my kiddos are crazy loud! I feel sorry for the little old ladies trying to relax by the pool… I'm sure they hate it when they see us coming 🙂 Keep up the good work! You're doing a great job!

  2. Thanks Kasiehey don't forget i'm udating my main blog at mrsthegreat.wordpress.comthere are some posts that i won't be able to put on blogger for family reasons. cookout soon!

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