Drop Dead Diva

Ok, so there is this new show on LIfetime called “Drop Dead Diva”. Really long story short the main character is this supper skinny girl who is a total ditz that ends up getting in a car accident and passes. She goes to heaven and they tell her that she is a 0 on the good bad scale. She has never done anything good or anything bad. So she is “shallow”. She gets all prissy with her angel and says I’m not a zero and pushes a button on his computer sending her back to earth. So she wakes up in an ER room only she is in some other woman’s body. A size 16 woman. A woman with brain smarts who is an amazing lawyer on the top of her game. Because of the cosmic mess she has created she has to live the rest of her life in this size 16 woman’s body.

Ok I know what you are all thinking sounds like a really weird show. But it has some amazing perspectives on weight. I have to say I completely relate to the main character. My body is one thing when I look in the mirror but the spirit and the person inside there is a skinny/healthy girl. I sometimes feel like its an identify crisis of sorts.

Do you ever feel that way. I find myself sometimes just starting in the mirror. Looking for that person that I know is in my body staring into the mirror.

I’m so excited that after my battle to victory she will be unleashed again. I can’t wait to look in the mirror and see her again!!

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