The Road Trip Diaries

I knew when I found out my brother was getting married we were making a road trip to Alabama. Then I knew that would involve road trip food. How am I supposed to stay on track on the road. Well, I have found out that if you just prepare yourself and are smart about it you really can do it.

Each day we have gone out to eat with friends or family. Have you ever noticed that family get togethers ALWAYS involve a TON of food! I have this really handy application on my phone that works with my sparkpeople account. It helps me track my calories on the go. Whenever we figure out what restaurant I look it up right away for the nutrition information. Because I have been doing this I have stayed right at or even below my calorie count every single day of this trip!!!! That is such a huge accomplishment for me!!!

Also I have managed to get my full workouts in by using the exercise rooms or the pool. I love it. I wake up early before David is up and sneak off to get my workout in. It has really helped my legs on this trip too. Long periods of time siting in the car can really hurt but because I’ve been working out and stretching it has made it much less painful.

So I guess the big test will be when I get home and weigh in!!

I’ll keep you guys updated for now we have a 14 hour drive back.

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