First Goal Accomplished

Today I woke up and weighed myself in. I have to say I had a sense of dread. I just got back from the road trip and my pain levels have been really high so I haven’t been able to workout for a few day. I thought when I weighed in I might gain a pound or two just because of all of those factors. And then I see the scale. I keep replaying it in my head because it just doesn’t feel real.

I’m down another 2 LBS!!

For the first time in FOUR years i’m UNDER 200 LBS!!

I’m so excited!!!

I’ve worked out before and watched what I ate but this time its really working. I think the difference is that I know all of this is a lifestyle change for my health. Not just some diet I can quit whenever I feel like it. Literally my health is what is at risk if I don’t eat right or don’t workout. Its an amazing motivator especially when I’m thinking about eating something that I know I shouldn’t eat.

I also wanted to share a really funny story from the road trip. We had just made it into Nashville where we were going to spend our first night and I had to go to the bathroom so so so bad. We didn’t know where we were staying for the night so we searched for a place I could get out and use the bathroom so we could go on in our search for a hotel. We pull into the back of a building and it kinda looks like a starbucks to me. I don’t think much about it and then I get out of the car. Its a freaking KRISPY CREAME!!! I walked in smelled those hot doughnuts, went to the bathroom and walked out!!! Can you believe that. Of all places for David to pull over. We were laughing the rest of the night at the irony of it all. I was also so impressed that I didn’t even try to sneak in a beg to David to get me one. Whew!!! That was a toughie!!

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