My First Follow Up

A lot of you have been asking for a before and after picture of my weight loss so far. I found this photo of right before my journey started and tried to match the same clothing and pose. I was kinda discouraged when looking at it because for 12 pounds it seems like the loss is really small in the photo but I did notice a few things. If you look really close you can really see the change in my fingers and somewhat in my stomach and face. Can’t wait to lose more and see a bigger difference!

So there are two sides to the situation I’m facing. The first part is weight and the second part is my bones. As you guys have seen I am really making progress with my weight. I’m so excited that I’m finally seeing those numbers on the scale drop!

Friday was my first follow up with the doctor since my first visit on July 10th. Because I have been doing so well with that I was really excited to show the doctor how far I had come. There are a few things you must know before I continue with how the doctors visit went.

I’m in stage one of AVN. Stage One means that it shows up on my MRI but not on my X-rays. What they are looking for on the X-rays is if my hip joints are caving in. Sure enough we did Xray on friday and it showed up. Not only did it show up but my left hip is in really bad shape and the doctor thinks its very close to collapsing. I was crushed. I had no clue my left hip was doing that bad because the pain has been so bad in my right leg. I thought only my right hip was struggling. So the doctor said based on the rate of how it’s progressed in my left hip he really wants to do surgery. Again words I really really did NOT want to hear! The surgery is called bone decompression. They cut your leg open at the hip and drill into your bone in several places to “decompress” it. It’s supposed to really help with the pain and if it works I could avoid the hip joint collapsing and not have to eventually have a hip replacement. He also said that I can no longer use just a cane but that I need to walk with crutches in a certain way that I will need physical therapy to learn how.

Ok so there you have the doctors report. I like I said was really upset by all this. It’s so hard to fight like I have over the last couple of weeks and really think your making a difference only to be told your body is saying otherwise. Yes he was happy about me losing the weight and wants me to lose more but losing the weight it turns out is only half of the situation. Now its a race of time for me to lose so that I can be a candidate for the surgery. The more weight I lose the more chance I have of the surgery being a success.

So because of this I have cut by my calories from 1200-1400 a day to 1000-1200 a day. Also David surprised me and got me a stationary bike! If I can get up to working out an hour in the morning and an hour at night and follow my calorie guidelines I’m really believing I will drop the weight faster.

All this being said I don’t want you guys to think I’m going to live in a state of despair over the report. I’m still just as determined to beat this and I believe that God is bigger than a doctors report or what I see on an Xray!!!

I truly believe with all my heart that as I lose the weight the disease will reverse itself and I won’t have to worry about this the rest of my life. I believe this is not only a physical journey but also a spiritual journey and God has given me the opportunity to bring my life back to a balanced state.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and your prayers. I really appreciate it. If you see me at church or at a meeting please don’t feel bad when you see I“m on crutches. See me and know that God is doing an amazing work in me and how amazing my testimony is going to be!!!

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