Day 15-The Answer to The Question

I don’t really have a verse for today but I was really reminded of something. As some of you know I’m dealing with some health issues and God has been on me this week about getting more disciplined with my health. Working out and eating right, making sure to take all my medicines and on time. So I was thinking today why do we fight what is good for us. If I have the cure or what will possibly fix me right in front of my why am I not disciplined enough to take it. Make sure that I’m on top of things. Well its the same thing with the word. We have the word right there in front of us. It has the potential to answer all our questions and heal our deepest hurt. So why do we not pick it up and read it. Whey do we rebel?

I don’t know the answer to this question but I will certainly be pondering it tonight. Would love to hear feedback on if anyone else can relate or has an answer.

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