Ruth Loss Love and Legacy 2010

Really enjoyed my summer bible study on Ruth Loss Love and Legacy. We had some great meals and some wonderful chats. In the beginning I knew God had lots in store for us. Were not all from the same church and really didn’t know each other at all. But during this study I feel like we really got to know one another. We learned a lot about Ruth and Naomi. I never knew there was so much richness in the 4 chapters that are Ruth. Kelly Minter the author of this bible study really opened up our eyes about their journey from bitterness and nothingness to great blessing all the way to being in the genealogy of Jesus.

I really enjoyed leading this bible study and hope that we can do another one soon. Maybe in the fall.

Ruth Loss Love and Legacy 2010

2 thoughts on “Ruth Loss Love and Legacy 2010”

  1. Hi Amanda,Wow, that Banoffi pie looks amazing!! I love the pictures of your group, especially the one of you all around the dinner table by candlelight.So glad you stepped out in faith to lead this Bible study and I know that God is going to continue to use you as you trust Him!!!Judi

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