New York Day 1

Wow can’t believe it took me this long to get around to updating on our trip to NYC. It was such an amazing and fun trip but we did have a few crazy and wacky adventures along the way. What can I say when you have me and my husband David in any sort of adventure we always come away with some sort of funny story.

So before we went on this trip we did a ton of research. I’ve visited NYC before but only once and David had never been before. We did our share of online research. We looked at multiple sites and spent hours online before booking our reservations on Priceline. It came down to a $30 dollar a night difference to stay at a chain hotel (Best Western) in the Bronx or for more money we could stay in Manhattan. I wanted to stay at the one in Manhattan but my thinking and David was in agreement was that we weren’t there to spend time in our hotel room. We were there to sight see. So why spend more money on the hotel when we could spend it on the other stuff. We had a budget and we were very intent on sticking to that budget. So we booked the Best Western. We got an amazing deal in our price range and off we went.

We flew Jet Blue. It was both our fist time to fly Jet Blue and we loved it. They have TV’s on the back of your seat and you bring your headphones and just sit back and relax and watch TV unless….you are flying in a thunderstorm!! Yep we flew in a thunderstorm. It was the worst turbulence I have ever experienced on a flight in my entire life. The plane was going up and down and left and right. I think David’s hand was blue from how tight I was holding onto him. It didn’t help that when I looked at his face he looked just as scared as I was! Have I ever mentioned that one of my top fears is to fly over water. Yeah and I totally forgot that NYC is an island! So the plane is going all over the place, I’m in a window seat and then I see the water! Let’s just say I think I felt my heart stop for a few seconds. I was pretty freaked out. When the plane finally did land I was pretty shaken up. I will tell you that people on that flight walked away knowing the name of Jesus LOL!

So we finally landed in NYC at the JFK airport and it was time to find a shuttle to our hotel. So we head to the help area and they tell us there isn’t a shuttle to our hotel in the Bronx. This is when things started to sink in that we may have made a huge mistake. So we had to get a private car to take us to the hotel. Oh and remember that budget I told you about. A private car was $60 dollars without tip. The budget and the itinerary I had made were starting to go right out the window!

We get in our private car and at this point I’m telling myself to just enjoy this trip no matter what happens. No matter what from this point on just take it all in and enjoy ourselves. We got quite the tour of the city because the Bronx is far away from the airport. We finally get to the hotel and my heart just sinks. To each side of the hotel are chop shops with barb wire on the top of them. One of the chop shops takes cars apart and the other chop shop puts cars back together. I’m at this point not thrilled about our location. You hear all those scary stories about the Bronx and I had an inkling that we were about to live one out and boy was I right. So we check in and go to check out our room.

When we were researching this hotel online it said it was newly remodeled. It was newly remodeled all-right only someone did a horrible job at it. There was unfinished drywall under the window which is a huge mold risk (thank you HGTV for informing me of such things). A huge crack straight through the middle of the sink. A gash the size of my fist in the side of the sink. Holes in the sheets. Then there was the moldiest shower curtain I have ever seen in my life. It was awful! We wanted to try and get in another room but we knew from checking in that no other rooms were available and we wanted to complain but the manager and staff at the desk barely spoke English. We were stuck! We had bought Yankees tickets for that night so we decided to freshen up go to the game and then when we got back we would figure out what to do from there. Here are a few pic of the room so you can see just how awful it was. Don’t worry we have since called Priceline and are working on getting fully refunded!

Best Western

So for this trip I found a place in NYC that rents out electric scooters. I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver this thing was. I truly became a NYC driver on this thing by the end of the trip. The only problem with my scooter is that there was a HUGE sign on the front of it that said “rent me”. You really don’t want to scoot around the Bronx or anywhere in NYC for that matter with a BIG sign that says rent me on you. Let’s just say I got a LOT of remarks! The scooter people also rock because they deliver the scooter right to my hotel and then when I left they pick it up from the hotel desk and it was super cheap. So I get on my scooter and we head out of our hotel to try and find the nearest handicap metro in the Bronx to get to the Yankees game. We were on a main street with no sidewalks so I literally had to cut through these chop shops and auto body shops. It was crazy. We were literally in the worst part of town which was confirmed later by a lovely NYPD officer who was kind enough to help me get my scooter on the metro train because the gap between the train and the station was too large for me to roll onto the train. He had to lift me and the bike onto the train LOL! I told you where we go crazy stories follow! So we finally find our way to the train along the way we I literally drover over blood, broken glass, saw 3 drug deals go down and saw 3 hookers! So we met our NYPD officer and he helps us out and asks where we are staying. He informs us were in the worst part of town and to please not try to walk home or scoot in my case. It is kinda funny you can’t run for your life in a scooter you can only scoot for your life and not very fast I might add! A little scooter humor for you there haha!

So then we transfer to our new train car and this is where things just got super scary. So while the car is in transit this guy comes on our car and he is very angry VERY angry! He is yelling at the top of his lungs and he is dressed in full camo gear. He starts out the conversation saying “As you all know, two nights ago a little girl was killed by a stray bullet. That was my grand daughter. My only grand daughter! It was caused by gang violence and people of my color don’t care.” While he was yelling all of this he had a picture of this little girl and he was shoving it in our faces walking around and doing this to everyone in the train car. David and I at this point are pretty much ready for this guy to pull out a gun. We look at each other with this look of “I love you, It’s been great being married to you for 6 years…” It was one of those kind of moments. Thank God this guy didn’t have a gun atleast not that we know of he was just trying to collect money but we were more than thrilled to get the heck off that train and at that point vowed we weren’t doing the metro again or walking the sidewalks either!

Whew we finally made it to the Yankees game. The game was the best part of the night! We had so much fun. The Yankees won. Oh and something totally amazing while we were there a rainbow appeared over the field. I think of it now as God’s promise “hey guys I know its been a crazy day and you’ve feared for you’re lives more than once but it’s okay it only get’s better from here”.

Yankees Game

To get back from the game we took a tax and that’s when we me Dan or as we call him Dan the taxi man. He was awesome. He could tell when we drove up to the hotel we were in a bad place. We had shared some of our story with him so he took pity on us. I actually think he was an angel! He gave us his personal number and said call him anytime and he would drive us anywhere at a flat fee. Dan rocked! So we got to the hotel. Locked ourselves in, got online booked a new hotel and in the morning we abandoned ship! I didn’t even take a shower I just waited till we got to the new hotel.

So in one day I faced many of my fears. It was a common theme on this trip. I decided God was trying to tell me something about facing my fears lol!

1) fly over water
2) angry man on subway
3) crazy scary Bronx

Whew just thinking about it all over again is scary enough. And that was only NYC Day 1 hahahaha!!

2 thoughts on “New York Day 1”

  1. Hi Amanda,I have never been to NYC, but I have flown through a lightning storm or two.You were asking about my daugthers post. She was in Richfield MN working at the Barnes and Noble in the shopping center called GALLERIA.Is that where you were also? Interesting.Fondly,Glenda

  2. Ok I was in Eden Prairie, MN at the time. I hung out at the Barnes and Noble at the mall there a lot. NYC was amazing. I still have 3 more days to blog about our trip there. You have to go there atleast once in your life. Its a must do!!

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