New York Day 4

The fourth day in New York was museum day. We didn’t know how many museums we would be able to make it out to but wanted to make it to as many as possible. We were in for a huge surprise when we found out that the museums had extended their hours for the summer! The first museum we went to was The Museum of American History. We got to see Dinosaurs galore. We even got to touch a real dinosaur bone. We found this awesome app for our iPhones that gave us a tour off all the things from the movie “night at the museum”. It was a blast!

Museum of American History

The next museum was the Guggenheim Museum. They don’t allow you to take pictures inside but it was really neat. I have always wanted to go to this museum after seeing it for years and years in movies. I did have a little incident though where I got yelled at by a guard who told me I was about to touch a 15 million dollar painting and so I got yelled at. David said I wasn’t close at all and that the guard was just being rude. I felt really bad so I stayed as far away from the paintings as possible from that point of the tour on.

Guggenheim Museum

We were starving when we got out of there I had a famous NY hot dog and we found a really neat place called the Jackson Hole where David got the biggest hamburger I have EVER seen!

New York Food

After grabbing a bite to eat we made it to the MET. Oh how I wish we had gone here first. This is by far the coolest museum in NYC. We both want to go back to see it. We only got to see half of one floor I can’t imagine what is on the other floors of the MET. There was this amazing Italian floor.

Met-Italian Floor

But our favorite was the the Egyptian floor where they had an actual Egyptian Temple!! We of course had to stand inside of it and get our picture taken. It was so amazing!!!

Met-Egyptian Floor

The pictures just don’t do that museum justice! So there you have our trip to New York City. It was quite the adventure! I already want to go back!

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