Birthday Catch Up!!

Wow Life has gotten so busy over the last month so I must do a Blog Catch up. Let start with Some birthday shout outs from September. September is when David’s mom has here birthday and when my mom has her birthday.

For David’s Mom’s Birthday I took her out for a spa type manicure and pedicure. This place gives THE best mani/pedis and we had a BLAST!

Getting Pedicures

So they do a spa type mani/pedi. You get hot stone massage and they even soak your feet and hands in the hot wax. Doesn’t sound amazing but oh boy does it feel amazing!spa stuff

Mom was cracking me up through the process. She was super cute. Check out her claw of wax face 🙂

Mom's Mani-Pedi

And here you have the final product!

final product

So for my Mom’s Birthday I sent her a hoops and yoyo card but the postman messed it up again and so she got a card that didn’t sing or do anything so lame. Were going to be seeing them in November for Thanksgiving I’m hoping that maybe we can go and get mani/pedis together too. It would be really fun 🙂

So Happy Birthday to Mom Taylor and Mom Oney! You guys are the best!

Since I didn’t get to see my mom here is a picture of the last time I saw her. We attempted getting a family photo it was quite an event!

The Family

1 thought on “Birthday Catch Up!!”

  1. I just left you a post on Bible Study Cafe. We are going through a bad month also. (Spiritual Warfare)

    Looks like you had a GREAT TIME. Love the pictures.


    Sue Alice

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