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Mission Accomplished


Well my plan for today went perfectly according to plan. I headed out around 9 am and made it to my personal training session at the gym. Got some good reps in with the weights and plenty of cardio. I loved this quote that was on the board today. Very inspirational.



Next it was off to Ulta to get my hair done. I’ve been working for a while on growing it out so I didn’t cut it short like I normally do. There is nothing like a little cut and color to make a girl feel good!

Then I walked over to Trader Joes and got some grocery shopping done. Man that place can be crazy but it was nice to just walk around and be able to take my time.

I should mention I used uber to get from place to place but my uber driver was nice enough to help me get the groceries in and out of the car. Lots of stairs with handfuls of groceries and my gym bag and I finally made it home.


So huge mission accomplished in knowing that I exposed myself to a few triggers and was able to make it through the day. Small victories right! I’ll consider today mission accomplished.

Now time to just chill and wait for David to get home then on to tomorrow’s shenanigans.

Edit- Starting to get a bit of a headache now but I think its from the temperature dropping so fast. Hopefully it goes away soon and doesn’t turn into a full blown monster.

This is why pacing myself right now is so important. My body needs time to fully recover and sometimes that can take a while. I just have to be patient while going through the process.

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