Camp NanoWrimo 2017

I am so excited this year to be participating in Camp NanoWrimo. I love writing and recently I have enjoyed writing short stories again and playing around with some story ideas that I have had. April 1 marked the first date of Camp NanoWrimo.  What is nice about camp is you have a cabin of friends that encourage you along the way and help you try to make it to your goal. My goal is 20,000 words in the next 30 days.

The name of my project is called “Tim The Technician”. There is a fun story behind this. Recently at a friendsgiving I met some really great new friends. As we were getting to know each other we turned to the conversation of recent movies. “The Accountant” with Ben Affleck had just come out and everyone was talking about how great it was. Then the man sitting next to me, Tim, says well I’m a dental technician I think they should make a movie about what I do because dentists get all the credit for fixing things but I’m the one making the things that go into your mouth to fix them. In that moment I made a promise that I would dedicate my next NanoWrimo project to him and thus “Tim the Technician” was born.

I wasn’t sure at the time what all would be involved in the story but over the summer I had a series of very vivid dreams that seemed like they could be a really cool story and even better I saw how I could make the whole thing around “Tim the Technician.

So I have started on my project and I can’t wait to see how it goes! Here is a small excerpt. Today I finished 1613 words of my 20,000 word goal.

“So far everything was going according to plan or at least according the plans she could make on the fly. “Always work with what is around you” the technician would say. “It may not be obvious at first but you are built to survive so let your natural instincts kick in and take a breath. Scan the room and you will know what you need.” She was so thankful for his mentorship. Without him she would be lost but nobody could know that she even knew him at all or the fact that he existed. With this thought she gathered her things, helped the others that were chosen to live for the week gather their things and lined in the holding area where she would be programmed for that weeks assignment. It wasn’t ideal but she was alive, she was aware, and she had hope in her lunchbox! “

If anyone loves reading and would like to help give me feedback along the way let me know. I haven’t done this in a long time and it will be fun to share with friends as the project comes along.

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