Don’t Give Up On Hope

In my recent setback of having to go to the ER for my second ER setback in a matter of a few weeks I was feeling really upset and down. Then as I sat in the ER chairs and waited my turn I started watching this drama unfold in front of me. Two men came in who looked like they were painters based on the paint stained clothes they had just come from a job site of some kind. I hear them come out to the lobby and talk to the doctor. He informs them that because they aren’t family there is nothing further they can do and suggested that they go contact or pick up the family.

Next a young man sprints across the parking lot in a hurry and soon is met by a young girl. She looked like she was their sister and an older man possible the dad. Soon the doctor gathers them all to go back into the ER. I’m thinking at this point, oh no something is not good and my heart just dropped.

A short while later the young man that had sprinted across the parking lot came out of the ER and was talking on his phone. I was close enough to what he was saying and it just broke my heart.

It seemed like he was speaking to the mom. Letting her know that his brother was still alive but barely. Apparently had overdosed and tried to kill himself again but his two work buddies found him after nobody had seen him for two days. I heard the brother say I just can’t do this anymore. Nobody can stop him.

He then got off the phone and the mom came into the ER shortly after. All the family looked strained but like they had been there before.

When I was finally taken back to my room I passed this man on the way to my room. Completly unable to breathe on his own, hooked up to all kinds of machines and IVs and he just looked almost dead. Seeing this just gutted me.

It gutted me to  know that he valued his life so little that he felt this is what he had to do and that his family was on the brink of just giving up on him.

So I write this to say, no matter how big or small your life/family problems are. Don’t give up. If you don’t give up there is always HOPE!

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