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Still Going Strong…Sadly

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Well this migraine is still going strong. I’m on day 18. None of my meds worked. The steroid didn’t work. So it looks like I will be getting injections next week.

Injections themselves aren’t too bad but I have to have them done in an infusion center. The infusion center can be super depressing because a lot of people are there with cancer. It’s so hard seeing other patients getting their infusions and not knowing what their reaction will be. I was there once when someone got to ring the bell that you ring when you have your last treatment. It was sweet and sad at the same time.

I don’t really have anything poignent to share in this blog post. Every day has been spent mostly in bed or resting on the couch with the exception of my birthday. I’ll share my birthday adventures on another post soon. I did get a visit from David’s mom. She had tons of cross stitch stuff that she had saved from David’s grandmother. My nerdy self had a blast organizing my thread lol. I also upped my cross stitching game recently and got a cool magnifier with a light on it. This way it wont’ strain my eyes as much. I still have to cross stitch slower than most because of the migraines but it’s nice seeing a piece come together. Hopefully I will have some finished products to show off soon.

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