The Current State of Amanda

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged. Wow a whole lot can happen in a year. I haven’t shared much on my blog because I didn’t want to bore anyone with my daily random stuff, however, blogging is very therapeutic for me. So, I’m going to try this again but with a different mindset. Along with sharing my current status I really want to share some of my tips and tricks that help me make it through my migraineland that I live in. Maybe it will help others. Lastly, I want to bring a better understanding about what it feels like to live life with migraines, or with a chronic hidden illness. So I hope you enjoy joining me along in this journey.

artwork by SandraWinther on DeviantArt
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On and Off Again…

I feel like I keep doing this over and over again, blogging, but for some reason I don’t keep it up. I’m going to really try and change that now. I think for the most part I stop because I think, what is the point. Well who cares, if its just me that reads it and its therapeutic for me then I’ll give it a try again.

Since my last post I went back to work after being on short term leave for a few months. Well that lasted until this April. I’m now on a short term leave again. I need to re adjust some meds and get back into physical therapy again. I’ve set up my first appointment on Monday.

So hopefully while I’m on again, I can make some progress for my health.