Migraine PTSD

Pain-free-pictureI keep waiting for it. I feel like its just around the corner but nothing is there. I think I have migraine PTSD.

I’ve slowly been testing my triggers and limits to make sure I’m okay enough to go back to work but this week I really went beyond all my limits. We threw a costume party this weekend with our game night friends between the cleaning, the decorating and the actual party I really pushed it!

So then I wake up today thinking I might be facing issues. Then I look out the window and see that its pouring rain. Rain is my biggest trigger. Nothing, not even a hint of a headache.

Today is day 37 in a row without a headache or migraine and I am just beyond myself in disbelief. Physical therapy has done my body wonders!

Next challenge: I go back to work Friday. That will be the true test. In the meantime, I’m focusing on not allowing the migraine PTSD to take over and just enjoy every moment!

Choosing Between Your Job or Your Health…its a real pickle!!

Yet another great article from one of my favorite resources about dealing with chronic pain, The Mighty.com. Trying to work and dealing with chronic illness is a HUGE struggle I face as do so many others. Many people wonder how to cope and what are their options. I found this article really helpful and I really relate, again, to all the words as if I wrote it myself.

“A person with a chronic condition could be smiling and laughing on the outside but feel like absolute hell on the inside. But we may not want to draw attention to our illness, so we hide it behind smiles and “I’m OK”s.” ~The Mighty.com


Just Riding The Waves…

wavesofchangeI had a follow up appointment with my regular doctor on Thursday and I found myself saying these words, “I just have to accept it and ride the wave.” I was referring to my at times overwhelming health issues.

I recently met with several doctors trying to dig for answers. I have had migraines all my life but I just felt like something else had to be going on. I have way more bad days than I do good and I was at the point where I just felt at the end of my rope. I know anyone with chronic illness has felt the same way at one time or another.

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Don’t Give Up On Hope

In my recent setback of having to go to the ER for my second ER setback in a matter of a few weeks I was feeling really upset and down. Then as I sat in the ER chairs and waited my turn I started watching this drama unfold in front of me. Two men came in who looked like they were painters based on the paint stained clothes they had just come from a job site of some kind. I hear them come out to the lobby and talk to the doctor. He informs them that because they aren’t family there is nothing further they can do and suggested that they go contact or pick up the family.

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