This Time

In a whisper you are coming back to me.

I have fallen for your lies before.

What are you up to this time?

Are you spouting truth?

How am I going to respond this time?

You are trying to enter my being,

Slowly creeping not letting go of the movement.

I don’t know how I feel about you, this time.

In a way I want to welcome you with open arms,

Feel your whispers turn into a loud roar,

Allow you to radiate from my entire being.

Don’t take these thoughts as permission!

You have played with my head before.

You took my heart over with your words and squeezed the very blood that helps me breathe,

Squeezed with all your might.

You laughed as you watched it drip on the floor.

Every drop was joy for you.

Your whisper is complex.

You have the power to give life and the power to take it away.

Reveal your purpose to me this time.

Reveal your plans.

I am taken over with confusion!

Poem Written: January 10, 2003