Good Times

Today was a pretty busy day…
I got up at 6:30 am and hopped in the shower, then me and my mom went to Decatur,AL and cleaned a house….
It was the grossest thing…Nasty nasty nasty…
Some old lady used to live there with her kids…
I found a letter in the boys room from his girlfriend(they had moved out of the house so the house was vacant)and in the letter she said some pretty nasty stuff…Me and my mom got a good kick out of it…
After cleaning the house me and mom went and visited our friends in Decatur…After that we went to Cullman, AL so I could pay a visit to the recruiting center….
That went really well…I found out that I will be shipping out from Nashville,TN…DAVIDTHEGREAT will appreciate that…
I am going to be staying in a hotel the night before so I can hang out with him…Anyways…The recruiter gave me a diet that I start tomorrow and it guarantees that you loose 10lbs in three days….So we will see about that…Now I am at home…Me and my fam watched Home Alone and now we are all just relaxing….Good Times….

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